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To celebrate the start of the new EFL season tonight, I decided to get creative and produce some concepts for my beloved Leeds United. I’m footy mad, in fact I love most sports. I have always had a fascination with football kits since I was a small boy. In retrospect, it was probably the first time I became aware of the influence of good design. When I was 10 I even wrote to Umbro sharing my own kit designs asking for a job - I’ve got their reply to prove it!


I wanted to create a collection of designs which took the best elements of past kits while creating something new, dynamic and distinct. Using Leeds United’s badge as inspiration, I wanted to use diagonal lines to create daring design.


The Leeds United home shirt was particularly challenging. Leeds United’s pure white design is iconic but the temptation of creating something new and daring for a designer is hard to ignore. I have tried to balance these two aspects with my concepts and I feel I have been successful.

The goalkeeper kit, away kit and third kit were a lot easier to approach. Inspiration behind the away kit, was the fact that previous yellow and blue kits have been incredibly popular with Leeds United’s fan base. The third kit is inspired directly by Leeds United's green and navy away shirt from their 1994/95 campaign.

The goalkeeper kit was the combination of all the various design ideas incorporated on the previous concepts. The result is something vibrant and unique. The kit stands out from the previous concepts while not looking out of place.


I really enjoyed this mini creative project and we’ll be doing more in the future. I would love to hear your thoughts on my kit concepts and let me know what you would like to see next.

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