Heavensent are an exciting new lifestyle brand which offers a niche range of children’s wallpaper, fabrics and interior accessories. Hevensent approached Focal Creative to create their brand identity covering everything from logo design to business stationery, social media headers to product labels. The customer had a very good idea of what they required and a clear direction in what they wanted their brand to embody. We got to work initially creating a logo, developing numerous concepts and showing how they would be used in various scenarios. After continued development and constant input from the customer, we reached a point where all parties were more than happy with the new brand identity. The logo of the half-moon you see below captures what the team at Hevensent are trying to portray. A fairytale, magical, dreamy aesthetic. The typeface selected was a scripted elegant font which embodies classic storybook characteristics. The branding had to be very emotive, due to the nature of the company. Also, branding had to be distinct and unique but encompass a timeless quality. Neutral grey colours were used to create a sophisticated look which acted as the perfect accompaniment to the bright and colourful products Hevensent had to offer.


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