Egan Reid’s annual school supplies publication is key in driving business within their education division. The catalogue is sent to Egan Reid’s school customer base each year. The 200 page plus publication is packed full of everything a school could need and is Egan Reid’s main route to market. The catalogue’s production and distribution is a huge cost for the company. They needed someone they could trust to design and produce nothing but first-rate artwork. The brief was to create a publication which effectively showcases hundreds of products as well as promote Egan Reid’s wide range of school based services. In regards to design, Egan Reid wanted to closely emulate past editions of the publication but add new elements, icons and layouts to refresh the products on show. Like all large page count publications, practicality and user navigation are key. Also product placement on the page played an important role in where the user’s attention would be drawn to. Naturally right handed pages draw the user’s eyes, with the direction of sight starting from top right of page flowing downwards. This meant careful planning and design of each page was needed to ensure the desired product was getting the most attention. Focal Creative handled all creative aspects of the project working closely with Egan Reid’s head of marketing, Flo Turak who provided page briefing, product data and page proofing.


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